A massive, partly fossilized egg laid by a now-extinct elephant bird has sold for more   than double its estimate at a London auction.

      Christie’s auction house said Wednesday that the foot-long, nearly nine-inches in diameter,egg fetched 66,675 pounds ($101,813). It had been valued at 20,000 to 30,000 pounds pre-sale, and was sold to an anonymous buyer over the telephone after about 10 minutes of competitive bidding.

   Elephant birds were wiped out several hundred years ago. The oversized ovum, laid on the island of Madagascar, is believed to date back before the 17th century.

Flightless, fruit-gobbling elephant birds resembled giant ostriches and could grow to be 11 feet high (3.4 meters). Christie’s says their eggs are 100 times the size of an average chicken’s. 



A man named Liu Deyan, age 53,runs a small eye cleaning shop in Chengdu,China,and he uses very long forgotten traditions that involves using knifes to clean his customers eyes.
 This very strange process takes about 5 minutes,eye scraping was once a common practice in China, but it’s fallen out of favor because it’s so likely to lead to infection which is wise considering there is a freaking knife scraping peoples eyes.


   On Monday, a Redditor using the name “Menagerii” posted a picture of what she said was the cash she made in one day’s stripping. The photo was captioned, “From now on when people ask me why I’m a stripper, I’m just going to show them this picture (one day of work – 11.30am to 3am).”

Redditors counting at home soon realized the tips totaled over $3,000. MSN claims the number is actually $3,445. Although this is about twice what Menagerii said she normally takes in, $1,500 a night (give or take) isn’t anything to sneeze at, either.
The tantalizing stack of bills was earned during a 15-plus hour shift at an all-nude joint in Atlanta, according to Menagerii. Over the course of the day, Menagerii said she had “30 or so table dances and five stage sets.” A stripper for four years, she also revealed she has implants (“went from a 32b to a 32d”), a six pack and is working to put herself through engineering school.
While impossible to substantiate independently, Menagerii has written about her experiences as a stripper before. Last month, she hosted an Ask Me Anything on Reddit in which she spilled other tips and tricks of her trade.
“It’s a little awkward at first, but I got used to it,” she wrote. “I have always been open about my body, so most of my friends and lots of strangers had already seen me naked before I even started dancing. Some girls have to drink a lot before they are comfortable, even girls that have been dancing for years. I was fortunate to be naturally outgoing and open minded.”
Even if $3,000 a night is not the norm, research has shown exotic dancing can be a lucrative profession. A 2007 study conducted by an evolutionary psychologist at the University of New Mexico showed strippers could earn around $30 per hour, while a 2010 study out of England put an average U.K. stripper’s yearly salary at around $74,000.
And savvy strippers would do well to follow the money. In 2011, CNN Money reported that dancers in the oil boomtown of Williston, N.D., were making $2,000 to $3,000 a night.
At the end of the day, Reddit’s most famous stripper’s advice to aspiring dancers is simple.
“You have to be in good shape, quick witted, confident, and have a pretty face. Everything else follows,” she wrote.