Banned photos were released  of Adolph Hitler back in the days wearing shorts,some funny,some were quite scary in a weird way,one thing for sure he really knew how to pose for the camera,you could learn a thing or two,we mean taking pictures not the other,the bad thing is he never said cheese!!!!check on photos below.

                         Dude looks scary here.

                     The “i’m sexy and i know it” style.


                  His romantic photo perhaps?

                         We think he is trying too smile here.



     The United States  has positioned warship  off the coast of Korea as a shield against missile attack from North Korea’s Presidents’s vow to to bomb the United States.
 While in Washington  the the White House has made it known that they very much take such war threats  seriously,White House spokesman Jay Carney said on Monday “I would note that despite the harsh rhetoric we are hearing from Pyongyang,we are not seeing charges to the North Korean military posture such as large-scale mobilizations and positioning of forces.
    The Unites states has deployed F-22 fighter jets on Sunday to take part in the drills,the pentagon said it was the fourth time F-22’s has been deployed to South Korea.
  North Korea has cancelled an agreement with the United States that ended the Korean war and has cut all hot lines with U.S forces,the United Nations and South Korea.
  Recently at a meeting of North Korea’s ruling workers party central committee,leader Kim-Jong-Un rejected the notion that Pyongyang was going to use it’s nuclear arms development as a bargaining chip for foreign aid for the impoverished nation.He says
 “The nuclear weapons of Songun Korea are not goods for getting U.S. dollars and they are … (not) to be put on the table of negotiations aimed at forcing the (North) to disarm itself,”